Overview of our main business courses

Project Management
Our organization offers quality electro-mechanical installation management services including planning,installation supervision and project management.
C#, C++,  Visual Basic with Controls, C++ Interface programming, Java Script, PLC's, Motion Control, and much more.
Scada Systems
OPCSystems.net,GE Proficy, Wonderware, Siemens Wincc. We specialize in high complex applications where we can write clean,organized and well documented code.
Electrical Design & Drafting
Support for your electrical engineering department in real time with core (design) or non core (drafting) tasks, allowing your engineers to concentrate on other activities.
Panel Fabrication
Control enclosures design and fabrication to fit any application for you or your customers.
Training Seminars
The better your people the more up time you gain with your equipment. Based on experience we came up with a training program to keep your maintenance group updated in the latest technology.

Industries We Serve

PC&E offer complete solutions for automation with instruments and control components that can be developed in-house. The experience of PC&E allows it to link all components logically and create the ideal solution. This also significantly increases the operational reliability and safety.
After assessing the unique needs of the clients, PC&E can develop a completely new control system for any Thermoformer in the market, which included heaters, machine controllers, and a new operator interface. Engineers at PC&E can upgrade any existing trim press controls to communicate with the Thermoformer of your choice.
Printing & Converting
We build solutions. We’re a full-fledged packaging consultant, offering products, services and programs that give our customers exceptional value. We consult closely with customers on the research and design of their packaging.
-Life Science
-Water/Waste Waste